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Taylor, Jackson Meet Up In Battle For Aussie Supremacy, 12:30 p.m. AZT

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Now that the WNBA All-Star break is over, the Phoenix Mercury (7-11) are looking to continue with the wins, this time against the Seattle Storm (16-2), the league's top team.

Both teams have winning streaks going, though the Mercury's is a modest two games while the Storm have won seven in a row. The Storm are 2-0 against Phoenix so far this season and look to dominate further, despite star Lauren Jackson coming off of a concussion.

Despite the injury, she will be in action today and facing off against fellow Australian basketball sensation Penny Taylor, as well as Diana Taurasi -- who, despite the team's disappointing season, leads the league in scoring, averaging 22.5 points a game, just ahead of Jackson's 21.4.