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Summer Suns Fall To Cavaliers 93-82

The Suns were unable to build off the positive momentum they found on Monday, as they fell to the Cavaliers 93-82 on Wednesday evening.

The Cavs’ J.J. Hickson scored 34 points and snatched 9 rebounds. According to SBN Arizona’s Seth Pollack, “He was clearly a class above any player on the floor.”

Earl Clark had an uneven contest, scoring only 13 points. Here’s some coverage from Bright Side of the Sun:

I asked Coach Majerle how he played in his fourth summer league game, "Not great. Sometimes Earl mistakes trying to have a good game with getting his shots or getting his points.

“He’s better when he plays within himself and makes other people better and takes what’s given to him instead of trying to force it. That’s tough because he’s such a talent player being here in Summer League I’m sure he wants to show what he can do but he’s just got to be patient and take what’s given to him, make plays for other people and do the other things instead of trying to go one on one and make plays for himself.”

He played better in the second half but in the first half he got too selfish but he wasn’t the only one according to Majerle, “I was disappointed with the effort in the second quarter. I think guys stopped playing hard especially on the defensive end. We only had 13 points in the second quarter and I think that had a lot to do with guys looking for their own shot instead of just playing within the system and making the right play.”

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