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Summer Suns Get First Win, Earl Clark Improves

Earl Clark came to Vegas Summer League out of shape and was pressing his first two games. Tonight, in a 96-88 win over the D-League Select team, he was much improved.

Coach Dan Majerle talked about Clark's progress, "Earl struggled a little bit (in previous games), but he got his legs under him a little bit more and started playing his type of game. I think he was pushing the first couple of games, more looking for his shot and not trying to make anybody better, but today I think he played more within himself and played a lot better."

The game also featured the debut of Villanova point guard Scottie Reynolds. The un-drafted former All-American strained his Achilles tendon last week and was unable to play in the Suns' first two games.

His scoring and ability to push the tempo gave the Suns a lift according to Majerle, "When you get Scottie in there, he's going to push the tempo... In this situation we want to get out and run and play the way we do in the regular season and that's look at shots early if they're good shots and try to stay out of set plays and just get out there and run."

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