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What Do Toronto Fans Think Of Hedo?

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I tweeted Bruce Arthur, a columnist from the National Post in Toronto to help give me an idea of how the people in Toronto thought about Hedo Turkoglu.  Here are the actual unedited responses from a variety of Raptors fans and let's just say they aren't positive:

  • Out of shape, unmotivated, passive,soft, lazy, slooow, loww effort, shall I continue....
  • Lazy, uninspired, unintelligent, and a poor shot.
  • 3 words: fat lazy ogre.
  • as I said to @JaredDudley619 : Turkoglu is the "anti-Dudley" - allergic to rebounding, practice, effort.
  • No motivation. Needs an asskicking on a nightly basis. Can be productive w/ the help of solid leader. Needs BALL.


  • From a Toronto fan... a disaster. Lazy, out of shape, unmotivated, didn't even want the ball - side show off the court too.
  • Hedo is lazy and likes to party
  • put it this way: lazy, goes clubbing after games, out of shape, demanded a trade out of town. But Nash can help pad his stats.
  • Here is a thought on Hedo last year: Lazy, washed up, undedicated, out of shape, terrible......sook? Need any more?
  • Thoughts on Hedo? don't let the door hit you on the way out.
  • dunno how he's gonna go in phx with Nash having the ball in his hands so much. We know Turk likes the ball in his hands
  • Hedo Played?

You can follow Bruce Arthur at @bruce_arthur and you can see the original tweets at @bgibbs10