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A.J. Hinch Fired As Diamondbacks Manager

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In what has become a big day in Arizona sports, A.J. Hinch and Josh Byrnes have been fired.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have fired general manager Josh Byrnes and manager A.J. Hinch, according to a front-office executive and two Diamondbacks players close to Byrnes. The Diamondbacks are expected to make an official announcement Friday.

The team was off to a dreadful 31-48 start, but it's hard to pin the blame on one man when you look at the total picture: miserable bullpen meltdowns and a lack of accountability for the offensive production of Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds.

This move may not come back to haunt the Diamondbacks, but Hinch is a good guy and he will no longer be of any value to this organization. I think the problem is a little further up the chain of command, personally.

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