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Game Notes

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Phoenix Mercury vs. Washington Mystics 07.01.10


  • Good idea from Dupree to take it in hard, but a terrible shot
  • Dupree getting it done on the boards though
  • Terrible interior defense...maybe it's an Arizona thing?
  • Aaand a traveling violation. Awesome.
  • Good to see a shot go down for Tangela, then a steal and an and one from Penny. She's playing great lately
  • Suns rookies Gani Lawal and Dwayne "Mr. Irrelevant" Collins showed up at the game. Nice gesture from the guys
  • Penny Taylor in the zone again...she's on fire lately
  • Temeka is really short. Drove in the lane and had a nice pump fake, but still couldn't get the shot off. I guess being 5' 3" has its disadvantages at times
  • Mercury getting out and running, the way it should be
  • Katie Smith has hit 2/3 threes and doesn't show signs of slowing down. I guess that's what happens when you leave a shooter wide open
  • Temeka on the floor, diving for a loose ball - that's the kind of scrappiness this team needs
  • Great up and under move (plus the foul) from DB. Also of note, Candace has got great rebounding tendencies
  • Penny missed, got her own rebound, dished to Ketia and Mercury scored. Run the team through her right now
  • End of quarter, Mercury up 25-24.


  • Poor offensive possession to start the quarter off for the Mercury
  • I don't know why Nicole Ohlde doesn't get more minutes...good move to draw the foul
  • Nice block from Ohlde leads to quick bucket from Penny. And that's the way the cookie crumbles
  • Nice pick and roll between Ohlde and Ketia...liking these minutes from Nicole
  • Temeka is all over the place. She is singlehandedly keeping the Mercury fired up with her effort and heart
  • Mystic in the penalty with 6 minutes left in the quarter - Mercury need to take advantage of this
  • Mercury starting to drive the ball and having success...hopefully this leads to more open threes
  • Diana not looking like herself, only 2 points on 1/5 shooting. Injury must be affecting her more than it appeared to be
  • Good move from Bonner, nice drive and finish in traffic - Mercury on top 43 to 40
  • Tangela Smith hitting the big three to close out the half, Mercury up 46 to 42


  • Good move from Currie in the paint, and it was actually well defended - just a better shot
  • The Mystics looking like they want it more than the Mercury do at this point
  • Mercury taking ill advised shots and starting to complain about ticky tack fouls - game tied at 46
  • Good defense leads to a shot clock violation. Well, either good defense from PHX or really bad offense from WAS
  • Mercury defense turning from bodying up to slapping at the I'm not a professional ball player, but that just doesn't seem like the right technique
  • Mercury timeout...not sure why they didn't take it earlier - Mystics on top, 55 to 48
  • Temeka taking it straight to the cup and not wasting any time. Get her fired up
  • Refs starting to get a bit chippy with their foul calling - not that they're not fouls, just that they're calling a lot of them
  • Mercury in the penalty and still 6 minutes left. What do the Mystic do? Attack right away.
  • Game completely turned in Washington's favor, but Mercury still hanging around...
  • Great move from Dupree for the bucket and the foul
  • Seems to be more effort on rebounding the ball from the Mercury...good sign
  • Penny Taylor with the bucket and the foul - exactly what needs to be happening
  • Dupree lighting it up right now...get her the ball - Mercury closing the gap, down by 3
  • Washington getting sucked into the running game, usually a good sign...we'll see how this goes
  • End of quarter, Mystic up 73 - 68


  • US Airways Center isn't even half filled, and it's louder than some Suns games
  • Tangela Smith for three again...I take back all the things I said about her taking less shots
  • Taurasi has been largely a nonfactor in this game, only playing 18 minutes so far - I'll blame the injury
  • Diana wincing after some shots...she's in significant pain, but is muscling through it
  • Timeout Mystics...Mystics still on top 83 to 76 with 6:46 remaining
  • Temeka missing both free throws that could have closed the lead to one...not the time to miss free throws
  • Horrible interior D leads to easy bucket. When will they learn?
  • DeWanna Bonner with a three, Mystics only lead by 3 (90 to 87)
  • Mercury still attacking the basket, yet with limited success. Mystics still on top by 5
  • Wide open lane for Taurasi and the Mystics lead is cut to 1
  • Sanford is an angry looking person...just a commentary
  • Penny Taylor with the strong drive and picks up the foul, but can't finish. Mercury down by three with Taylor shooting two
  • Taylor hits both, 1 point game with 32.4 seconds left. Mystics timeout
  • Free throw shooting contest, with Smith at the line. Hits all of them
  • Late three made by DT, but ultimately not enough...almost makes a three quarter court shot to tie the game...that would have been insane
  • Mystics win, 107-104