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Phoenix Mercury Score 100 Points, Free Krispy Kremes For All

The Phoenix Mercury marketing guru, Amber Cox, tweeted news of this new promo design to encourage the rapid intake of sugar for fans of Mercury basketball:

Twitter / Amber Cox: New @PhoenixMercury promo ...
New @PhoenixMercury promo that starts tomorrow nite. We hit 100 pts, fans in attendance get 2 free @krispykreme glazed donuts!

Since the Mercury started playing in Phoenix in 1997, they have scored 100 points (in a 40 minute game) 25 times, which might not leave you too encouraged for free doughnuts but consider this ...

Only two of those 100+ point games came before 2007, when the Mercury adopted Paul Westhead's up-tempo style. They've done it 23 times since and twice this season so far. Running the numbers, that means there's about a 20 percent chance of landing some sweet goodness per game.

So if $10 lower level tickets weren't enough to get you out to watch the Mercury play, then a 20 percent chance at free doughnuts will surely push you over the edge.

I can hear the chants now in the fourth quarter, as the fans start sensing how close they are to the prize ...

"We Want Dough-Nuts, We Want Dough-Nuts!"