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Canadian Poll Hacker Can't Leave Well Enough Alone, American Democracy Under Siege

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Yesterday, we pondered the existential crisis facing the Phoenix Glendale Arizona Coyotes and posted a poll to gauge local support for the team.

Being that this site is all of three days old, we don't expect a ton of response and we are talking about the Coyotes after all, and not a sexier Arizona sports topic like Amar'e's contract, the D-backs' bullpen disaster or an upcoming curling match.


Now, maybe poll hacking is a commonly accepted practice in Winnipeg -- if that's even really a place -- but 'round these here parts, we don't take to kindly to that there mucking around.

So listen up, you Canadian poll hacker! You've messed with the wrong desert dog!! Back off or your twitter account will suffer!!!

This poll hacking does explain why only 29 percent of respondents voted to keep the Coyotes in Phoenix Glendale Arizona. On the other hand, Mr. Living In The Peg only has 272 followers, so who knows.

The real loser here is democracy. And decency.

Coyotes GM Dan Maloney has had his fill of those indecent Canadians, as well, firing off a screed at his hometown hacks, "Is nothing else going on in Canada, they have to focus on us? ... (they have) just been over the top in the negativity about this marketplace, almost trying to prove their point, regardless of what else is going on."

So listen up, Canada. I am not losing sleep over this entire Coyotes ownership mess, but I'll be damned if our team is going to some place called "Winnipeg." Hockey might not make sense in the desert, but it sure as hell doesn't make sense there. I think you've already proven that once.

Now get back to curling before we steal that from you, too.