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Cards Guard Deuce Lutui Will Sign Tender, Stop Wasting Everyone's Time

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Thanks, Deuce, for that three-month exercise in futility.

According to his Lutui’s new agent, Ken Harris, his client will sign his second-round tender in the “coming days,” bringing an end to one of the most non-suspenseful and pointless hold-outs in free agency thus far.

After declining to sign his second-round tender back in March, the Cards promptly snagged guards Alan Faneca and Rex Hadnot and essentially rendered Lutui’s services meaningless. This made it even less likely that any kind of new deal would be considered, much less offered.

After Lutui fired his previous agent and hired Harris, it must have become very clear to him that this whole dance was going nowhere and that if he wanted to play football, he was going to have to sign some kind of paper saying that a team would pay him for gridiron services rendered.

Turns out, after a quarter of a year, the Cardinals were the only ones with that piece of paper. So, word is Deuce will dust off that contract, dig a pen out of the couch cushions, and sign at the X.

Perhaps he just wanted to escape a good portion of the offseason workouts. He wouldn’t be the first — Brett Favre has become a master of creating unnecessary drama just to avoid lifting weights and running gassers when he doesn’t have to.

With this little tid-bit of drama out of the way, the Red Birds can concentrate on moving forward to another year of NFC West domination.