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Haytaz Continue 2 Hayte On Robert $arver

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Look, we’ve all heard the rap on Phoenix Suns managing partner Robert Sarver. He’s a cheap-y cheap cheap-skater. He loves cash, but hates to spend it. The Phoenix Suns’ player payroll is $16.47, and most of that is going to Amar’e $toudemire.

Oh wait, what? The Suns’ payroll is ninth in the league at $74.9 million? And Robert Sa(r)ver is paying luxury taxes again?

Yep, the myths continue. This time, Dime Mag brings tha hayte:

Sarver bought the team from basketball lifer Jerry Colangelo and has yet to live up to Colangelo’s legacy. The Suns have been successful over the past few years despite Sarver’s ownership, not because of it. He has been very frugal when spending money on the team, and his reluctance to go over the luxury tax (despite having a team that could potentially win a championship) has been troubling. Also, his decision to sell numerous draft picks over the years has stunted the Suns’ development of youth, making him an owner that is unpopular with his fans.

Yes, Big $hot Bob has made some hasty financial decisions and sold some draft picks that really, really hurt (would-be Suns PG Rajon Rondo just dropped a triple-double in the NBA Finals). However, dude spends cash, no matter how unwisely.