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Ice Edge Admits They Might Be Pretending To Be Serious In Bid To Buy Coyotes

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Oh, you need actual money? Well, in that case, Ice Edge Holdings' bid to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes might be in jeopardy. Via Winnipeg Free Press:

Daryl Jones, CEO of Ice Edge Holdings, the lone group in discussions with the City of Glendale to buy and keep the Phoenix Coyotes at Arena, is not sure his team will be able to put together a financing package to purchase the team.
“It’s hard to gauge the probability of this deal closing,” said Jones.
“Realistically, there has been a great deal of financial turmoil in the world over the last 45 days, sovereign-debt issues and stock market corrections, which are going to make it harder for us, or any group, to close this transaction. That being said, we do remain optimistic.”


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