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MLB Draft Day: Diamondbacks Hold 6th Pick

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Hey, guess what? It is MLB Draft Day! Who knew?

Not me, that's for sure. The NBA draft is a HUGE event. The NFL draft gets more airtime than the Stanley Cup Finals, but the MLB Draft ... meh.

The Arizona Diamondbacks have the 6th pick in today's draft, which kicks off at 4:00pm AZT. While we don't claim to be any kind of draft experts, fortunately we are part of this big cool network that is loaded with them. MLB Draft Story Steam (for a national perspective):

2010 MLB Draft, Day One: One Bryce Harper, And 49 Non-Bryce Harpers -
Herein find all the necessary coverage of the first day of the 2010 MLB Draft. From pick #1 to pick #50, we'll have live updates and relevant information.

And here's a couple of mock drafts from some serious experts:

Another Final Mock Draft - Minor League Ball
Revised Final Mock Draft Update The Mock First Round I posted on Thursday is already obsolete with recent developments. Things remain in flux and rumors abound. Here is my "another final take" on things. Keep in mind that this list could still become outdated very quickly, and it is best to stay abreast of current rumors. This will probably look stupid in seven hours, but here goes.

Mock Draft #8 - First Round - MLB Bonus Baby
It's time for another mock draft, as things are starting to really get moving. Teams are in draft meetings now, so a lot will be changing, but follow the jump after the first pick to see how things are standing now.

Nick over at the AZ Republic has this latest scoop on the D-backs' intentions: blogs - Nick Piecoro - NickPiecoro - First up, the draft: D-Backs pick sixth
From what I understand, the Diamondbacks are fairly locked in on drafting a pitcher, most likely a college pitcher. That could change if any of the anticipated top three picks -- junior college catcher Bryce Harper, prep right-hander Jameson Taillon or prep shortstop Manny Machado -- slips to the Diamondbacks at No. 6, in which case they almost certainly would snap them up.

Our good friends at AZ Snakepit will have draft thread posted soon and will break down all the details of the D-backs #6 pick and the 49 others that follow.

Did you know that there are FIFTY ROUNDS in the MLB draft? SMH ...