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Russ Grimm Runs OTAs In Whisenhunt's Absence

With Coach Whiz off playing golf today at the Safeway Invitational in Cali, Russ Grimm ran things during OTAs. It’s good practice for when he eventually departs the team for a head coaching position.

Fitz gave the assistant coach some props:

“Russ is going to be a head coach soon. We’re going to try and get him a head coaching job soon. We’re going to go to the playoffs a couple more years in a row and he’ll get his opportunity. He does a good job. He’s a natural leader.”

That’s nice of Larry to say. Apparently, Grimm mainly needs to work on the whole “Oh Jesus, you mean I have to talk to those media parasites and front office jerks?” part of the job, and is actually good at the football part.