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Amar'e, Like Bosh, Allows Tweeps To Make His Life Choices

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Today, Amar'e Stoudemire followed in fellow overpaid-free-agent-to-be Chris Bosh’s e-steps, and tweeted for advice on his impending payday:

I think about Free Agency Everyday. Should I Stay in Phoenix or should I leave? This the question of the Summer. What do you guys think?

LOL SMH … A’m’a’r’e, u shud stay wit tha Suns. AZ needs bully ball 2 win tha title LOL. STAT FTW.

The Arizona Republic’s Dan Bickley mentions that Miami’s waning interest in Sun Tzu could diminish his leverage with the Suns and force him to make a decision between cash and wins:

It also raises the possibility that Stoudemire might ultimately choose between less money here and more money to play in an undesirable location, like Newark.

Then we’ll really know what motivates Sun Tzu, won’t we?

Looks like Amar'e may have fewer choices than he thinks.