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Phoenix Flooded By Storm

Seattle was up 87-48 at the end of three quarters. Game over.

From the recap at Swish Appeal:

“They played great,” said Mercury coach Corey Gaines. “We made two runs at the to cut it to 5. They withstood those runs. They had a 10-0 spurt going into the half and they kinda closed the deal right there. We came out second half, they hit a three, 18. Lighting it up the rest of the night…It was just a bad game. It was a bad game. That happens.”

No matter which side you look at this game from, it was pretty much over after three quarters, whether it be because of poor play from the Mercury or outstanding play from the Storm.

As a veteran team, Gaines said the Mercury know it’s just one game and that there will be plenty of others, especially a team like the Storm who Gaines said they will have to go through if they expect to repeat.

Not quite time to push the panic button but with the way the Mercury have been playing, it might be a good idea to locate it.

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