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Pac-10 Commissioner Confirms Expansion Talks

Our friends at CougCenter have written up a piece dedicated to the subject of expansion.

After days of hand-wringing and months of speculation, Larry Scott has confirmed that the Pac-10 will expand, possibly adding up 6 teams. At the conclusion of the Pac-10 meetings, Scott addressed the rumors by stating that the schools have given him the authority to move forward with expansion.

Scott has made no secret that he hoped to be able to move forward with expanding the Pac-10, putting it in a better position for the upcoming television deal.

The most interesting part in all of this? Some in the Texas legislature are demanding that Baylor, not Colorado, join the Texas and Oklahoma schools in the Pac-16, and suggests it might make a political play to ensure that happens:

"If the Pac-10 wants Texas, and we know they do, they may have to take all of our Texas schools," the source said, adding that Texas Tech has also benefited from political inclusion on the invite list.