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Mercury Edge Sparks 90-89 To Move To .500

Preview From Swish Appeal 

I think there are still Beat LA signs in the trash bins surrounding US Airways Center left over from the Suns-Lakers Game 6 last week.

Of course, in this game it's going to be the Sparks looking for revenge after getting beat in the opening game of the season, not to mention they are 1 and 4 which isn't something they can be too happy about.

The Mercury, at 2 and 3 aren't exactly feeling great either, in fact they are admittedly mad about losing their last two games. Whether that anger translates into a better start to the game, fewer turnovers and a better rhythm for Candice Dupree....we shall see.

For the Sparks it all comes down to Candace Parker who is playing out of her mind with 21.8 ppg and 11 rebounds per game. The rest of her team is sketchy at best on the offensive end only shooting 41.9% but they also are giving up 44.1% on the defensive end compared to 40.7% for the Mighty Mercury defense.

Expect the Mercury to use even more of the Rover zone than normal to combat Parker and force the 33% three-point shooting Sparks to try and beat them from outside.