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Phoenix Coyotes Endless Ownership / Relocation Saga

We will spare you (and us) the full recap of this drama that has dragged on longer than the final season of Lost and has been even more full of plot twists, smoke monsters, and bad writing than the TV show which we are now safe from.

Perhaps the end might also be near for the Desert Dogs hockey run.

The City of Glendale has called for an emergency meeting according to some newspaper in Winnipeg (not exactly sure where that is, but I believe if you are from there you can be asked to show proof of citizenship if stopped by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Department):

The City of Glendale has called an emergency council meeting for 4 p.m. Winnipeg time today to hear from city manager Ed Beasley on the status of negotiations with potential owners of the Phoenix Coyotes.

Based on a line in the agenda released by the city, it sounds as though they will review a lease agreement or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), or both.

What might this mean? We have no idea other than the fact that no local media outlet, Twitters, or non-hockey fans seem to care.

Our extensive (five-minute) research did teach us that the City of Glendale is heavily invested in the 'Yotes staying in its fair city -- which happened to be my home town from ages 5 to 18, if you count Maryvale as part of Glendale, which is only fair, if not technically true.

West Side, yo!

[Note by Seth Pollack, 06/04/10 3:28 PM MST ]

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