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Bryan Gibberman: Ready to Roll

Bryan Gibberman's introduction to the world of SB Nation Arizona.

All sports fans love to give their opinion on the biggest, most interesting stories in the world of sports. I am just like all of you and SB Nation Arizona is my place to give a different and unique look at sports in Arizona. 

Growing up in New York, my first memory of Phoenix sports was watching New York Knicks guard Greg Anthony fly off the Knicks bench in a suit to try and attack any Suns player he could get his hands on.

As I got older, I continued to see things from Arizona from a distance. The Arizona Wildcats were a basketball power, the Suns were usually a prominent NBA team on the national landscape, Arizona State was famous for one of their fraternity's having a porn video (that can be considered a sport, right?), the Cardinals were fun to make fun of, and I watched the Diamondbacks beat the Yankees in the World Series.

Funny side story on that Yanks-D-backs series: Game 7 was on a Sunday night and the New York Jets were playing Sunday night football on ESPN against the New Orleans Saints. I am a Yankees fan and a Jets fan, but I have always been a bigger Jets fan than a Yankees fan. I found out about the Luis Gonzalez game winner off Mariano Rivera on a cut in during the Jets game ... oops. Hey, but I did get to see Kyle Turley rip Damian Robinson's helmet off and chuck it halfway across the field. That makes up for something, right?

When I was a senior in high school, I decided I wanted to get out of New York for college and I visited Arizona State in December. I was in for two big reasons: 1) There were girls walking around in skirts in the middle of winter; and 2) The memorial union had a Chick-Fil-A. My dad had to drag me on the plane back to NY; I didn't want to leave. 

Today, the sports scene in Arizona has changed a little bit. The Arizona Cardinals are relevant, the Diamondbacks are miserable, Lute Olsen is gone, but don't worry, the best thing about ASU is still the girls walking around in skirts -- that hasn't changed.

Every Thursday we will talk Cardinals, Suns, Diamondbacks, Sun Devils, Wildcats, or whatever else is going on in the state we call home. 

I admittedly tend to gravitate towards the NBA and NFL, so you will find a lot of Cardinals and Suns columns. 

Hope everyone enjoys and I look forward to hearing from the readers.