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UA Wildcats Get Mercy Ruled In Loss To Tennessee

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Mike Candre, the University of Arizona softball coach (who happens to have won a boat-load of titles and Olympic gold medals) was not a happy camper after his team got mercy ruled in a 9-0 loss to Tennessee.

Instead of say, wondering why his Wildcat team couldn't scratch out any runs (ha! I kill myself some times) he went off on the umpires according to this story in the Arizona Republic:

"It's just frustrating. I always think of a good official as someone that you don't even know is there," Candrea said. "Unfortunately, the officials were way too involved in this game at the early part of it.

"I just blame - and I'm going to say it - I blame that we as coaches have given the officials way too much power in our own game and not even know what the hell they're doing."

Candre was upset about, "eight illegal pitches in three-plus innings, including two that forced in runs."