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Conflicting Rumor: Suns Did Offer Stoudemire 5-Year Deal

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In direct contradiction to the previous update, Yahoo! Sports is reporting the Suns did offer Stoudemire a five-year deal.

Free-agent buzz: Heat to meet Amar'e - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Stoudemire is competing with Chris Bosh and Carlos Boozer to join Dwyane Wade with the Heat. After opting out of his contract on Wednesday, Stoudemire is set to meet with several teams, sources said.

The Suns have offered him a five-year maximum contract with injury protections in the fifth year.

Nevertheless, Stoudemire has been slow to commit to Suns owner Robert Sarver, whose financial commitment to compete with the Western Conference elite has been unclear. Several teams without salary-cap space, including Cleveland, Orlando and Houston are interested in making presentations to Stoudemire. They hope to acquire him through sign-and-trades.

Typically, local sources skew towards spinning things the team's way or perhaps the player via agents. National sources are often executives from other teams who may or may not be speculating and may or may not be advancing their own agenda.

When it comes to rumors, buyer beware.