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Early Rumors: Stoudemire Gone, Suns Wouldn't Offer 5 Years

Early rumors from local sources lean towards Amar'e Stoudemire leaving Phoenix.

Twitter / Paul Coro: Sources repeatedly say Sto ...
Sources repeatedly say Stoudemire wants to be in Phx. One said he'd take a 5-yr deal if Phx offered it. Maybe at less than max $.

Twitter / John Gambadoro: Based on my latest phone c ...
Based on my latest phone conversation it does not appear that the Amare Stoudemire will remain with the Phoenix Suns

Twitter / John Gambadoro: Amare won't settle for les ...
Amare won't settle for less than a 5 year deal, Phoenix not willing to go more then 4 years. Pat Riley flew to LA to meet with Amare tonite

If the Suns wouldn't offer five years, then the Suns never really expected Stoudemire would stay. You can argue if that's the right or wrong thing for the franchise but it's pretty clear that someone is going to offer Stoudemire at least a five-year deal.

The question now, is if Stoudemire can get six years from another team. If he does, than the Suns have a chance to get something back in a sign-and-trade. If teams such as Miami, New Jersey or New York offer him five years, then they have no need to deal with the Suns since they have the cap space to sign Stoudemire.

Stay tuned. I suspect things are going to move fast.