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Former Cardinals Selected In UFL Draft

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If you’re like me and love obscure minor league football, then you were probably glued to your computer yesterday while the latest batch of young men were forced into service with the “historic” Omaha Nighthawks, Hartford Colonials, Las Vegas Locomotives, Florida Tuskers, and Sacramento Mountain Lions of the United Football League.


Four of the 60 draftees have spent some amount of time with the Arizona Cardinals, as safety Dennis Keyes (eighth round to Sacramento), center Melvin Fowler (12th round to Florida), Michael Ray Garvin (second round to Las Vegas), and Chike Okeafor (2nd round to Omaha) were selected.


Keyes, Fowler and Garvin never actually played for the Cardinals in a regular season game, but Okeafor made 60 starts for the team over the past four seasons, and Garvin looks like this and was timed at 4.24 in the 40 at his Florida State Pro Day before the Cards picked him up last summer.


Best of luck to these guys as they chase their dreams in a league that only their mothers (and me) would watch.