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Steve Kerr to TNT Television Is Official

While the Phoenix Suns continue to search for his replacement, Steve Kerr has made it official.  He is headed back to TNT television’s broadcasting booth as a "game analyst," according to the Associated Press.

"Part of this is living a normal lifestyle again," Kerr said in a phone interview. "I’ve got family situations I want to be a part of and can stay in the game and be a part of things. I still get to enjoy the game itself but also be in a better position."

According to a press release from TNT, Kerr will "join TNT's NBA Thursday night doubleheader coverage and will be a part of the network's NBA All-Star weekend and NBA Playoffs coverage. In addition, he will be a key contributor for NBATV and, providing analysis and commentary for The Finals, All Star Weekend and the NBA Draft."

Sounds like a pretty chill job.