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Suns With One Last Pitch To Amare, David Lee A Possible Replacement?

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The king of NBA free agent buzz, Adrian Wojnarowski, has some interesting news / rumor / speculation on the Amare front this morning.

First the fairly obvious which is something we already knew was going to happen:

Suns officials to meet with Stoudemire - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver and coach Alvin Gentry will make a last-ditch contract extension offer to Amar’e Stoudemire at a meeting Tuesday in Los Angeles, a team source told Yahoo! Sports.

We also know that Sarver has already said he's not offering Amare a true max contract which is both max salary and max years so this meeting is very unlikely to result in anything beyond a nice lunch.

Woj does drop some other more juicy bits in his story:

  • The Suns could be interested in David Lee as an Amare replacement and might be willing to sacrifice Channing Frye to get him
  • Amare's camp seems to be souring on Miami - not sure what to make of that since I still think Miami makes the most sense. Somewhere in here is probably agenda advancement of some kind
  • Woj lists a handful of teams that could be interested in Amare via a sign-and-trade (Magic, Trail Blazers, Mavericks, Spurs) but that the Suns aren't interested in just taking back contracts so the deals would have to be good
  • The Suns (and this makes sense) seem more interested in getting back a trade exception that they could use up to the February trade deadline to pick up a player that takes them over the salary cap without having to give up matching salaries