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Rumor: Suns Targeting Landry Fields With 46th Pick

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There’s not been much in the way of rumors surrounding the Suns draft this year (that’s what happens when you only have late second round picks), but the one name that’s come up is Landry Fields.

Fields is a 6 foot 7 small forward with a smart, all-around game. He averaged 22 points per game and 8.8 rebounds in his senior year at Stanford.

Steve Kerr had this to say about Fields when he talked to us last week while Landry was in town for a pre-draft workout, “Landry’s a good player. Versatile. Does a lot of things out on the floor, always seems to be in the mix. Got a little bit of Jared Dudley in him in terms of taking charges and making plays and creating extra possessions and he’s a pretty talented offensive player, too.”

While it wouldn’t seem that the Suns have a need at this position, if the team considers him the best talent available at this point in the draft, they could take a chance.