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Suns Owner Confirms Willingness To Pay Amar'e Max Money, Not Max Years

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Suns owner Robert Sarver was on KTAR radio today for over an hour answering questions. He was asked about his willingness to sign Amar'e Stoudemire to a maximum contract and responded:

"When you look at who your highest paid player on your team is going to be and you look at a long term contract and you're looking at - now I've given Amare a max contract before, he already had a max contract before, he's finishing that up. I think when you look at a second max contract for a player you need to look at ability on the court, you need to look at leadership and you need to look at health and all those things play a factor.

And so, I am prepared to give Amare a max contract, it's going to be a question is for how long. I think that's the biggest issue to be honest with you."


Audio can be here hear (via Sports 620 KTAR): Sarver on KTAR 062310