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Wimbledon Match Still Going On, Tied 46,930-46,930

(Wimbledon - April 17, 2069)

Though most of the event's spectators are long deceased or flat-out bored of tennis, American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut are still playing through their fifth set, with the score now tied at 46,930.

Neither player has conceded the match, though Isner expressed skepticism, at points, that they would be allowed to play out the dramatic contest.

"When those giant worm-like alien beings suddenly swept down from the sky and destroyed eighty percent of the Earth's atmosphere with their poisonous, gaseous excretions," he said, "I thought for sure they'd call it a draw."

Mahut expressed a measure of regret. "I'm pretty sure my entire family is dead; I heard Europe is a smoldering wasteland of unbreathable acidic toxins and the worms have cocooned most of the people still alive for use in their hideous reproductive cycle," he said. "But, I don't know for sure. On account of all the tennis, I've had limited access to my e-mail."

Ultimately, after a brief intermission for lunch and use of the restrooms, the match continued while the Earth's various governments gathered to discuss methods to prevent the end of human civilization.

"This [Wimbledon] is an important match for me," Isner said. "There's a lot of pride on the line here. You know, as an athlete, you always hope for this type of opportunity and I'm not going to waste it."

"This is an amazing match," Wimbledon spectator Francis Brown said. "I've never seen such passion and commitment for the game of tennis. I do wonder, though, if they could perhaps have stopped and helped salvage what's left of our species."

Brown took a moment to sob and hope that her children were still alive, somewhere out there in the vast fallout plains whose human populations remain mostly unaccounted for at this time. "Still," Brown said after dabbing at her face with her handkerchief, "what an extraordinary set."