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Nuggets VP Of Basketball Ops Mark Warkentien A Rumored GM Candidate

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Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic reports that in addition to former Trailblazers VP of Basketball Ops Tom Penn, current Nuggets VP of Basketball Ops (and former NBA Executive of the Year) Mark Warkentien could be in the running, as well. Warkentien's contract with the Nuggets is expiring.

Although losing Kerr was not a great sign for the future of the Phoenix Suns, there are some highly-qualified names beginning to pop up in the GM search. One would imagine the Phoenix position is a good one, despite owner Robert Sarver’s reputation around the league.

Even if Amar’e Stoudemire walks, the Suns still have a promising young core and saavy veterans, in addition to a solid coaching staff and a history of success.

One name that hasn’t come up yet that hopefully will is current dead-man-walking GM for the Portland Trailblazers, Kevin Pritchard. But can the Suns afford to pay him what he’s likely to command?