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Montero And Valverde (Verbally) Mix It Up

As reported by Nick Piecoro:

Two days after Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero took shots at Detroit closer Jose Valverde for his mound antics, Valverde fired back.

“Tell Montero he’s a freaking rookie and I can do whatever I want to,” Valverde said Sunday morning. “Tell him that. Put it in the papers. If he wants to do something, tell him to come to my locker and let me know.

“I never liked Montero,” he continued. “He’s a (bleeping) piece of (bleep).

“Tell Montero he has two years (in the majors) and I have eight.”

Montero criticized Valverde, the former Diamondbacks closer, after Friday night’s game, calling him unprofessional, along with a couple other choice words.

Awesome. Montero’s fire is just want this D-backs team needs.