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Dupree Unware Of 14 In A Row And Impending Record

So, I guess if Candice doesn't hit her first two field goal attempts and therefore doesn't break the WNBA record for consecutive field goals made, you can blame me.

About two hours before tip, I asked to talk to Candice before she began her pre-game routine, assuming that she was well aware of the situation. She wasn't.

Now that you know about this record, do you feel any pressure?

"A little bit. Obviously I didn't know anything about that. Hopefully my first two buckets can be some easy shots in transition -- a couple layups, but we'll see."

Will you let coach know and ask to get some easy looks early on?

"No. I don't want the pressure posted on me."

14 in a row is quite an accomplishment.

"It is. I knew last game I made nine field goals, 9 for 9, but I definitely didn't know it was 14 in a row, so I'll try and keep the streak going."


There you have it. The pressure's on, thanks to me.