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Shocking News: Steve Kerr Out As Suns GM

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On the May 30, the last official day of the season, Steve Kerr said that he wanted to be back when asked by the media about his contract situation.

"My contract's up, but I'll sit down with Robert (Sarver) and talk about that wasn't something to discuss during the season, but now that the season is over, we'll talk about all that," Kerr said.

You wanted to be back? "Yeah, yeah. This year was great, a little more fun than last year. We've got a great group of people here. I love working with Alvin (Gentry). We've got a good thing going and the plan is to try and sustain it. We've got a good group of young players who are representing the future in a lot of ways and some vets who still have a lot of years left in them."

That wasn't a guy who sounded like he would be out and "returning to TV and spending more time with his family" as has been reported by multiple sources.

There will be more information to come and plenty of discussion, but my initial reaction is that the move doesn't bode well for the future of the team unless Kerr truly is the guy who drove this decision. If the team ousted him, it will be a blow to Gentry and his team leaders who are insisting that they wanted to keep the team together.

"My GM? I'm not going anywhere without my GM," Gentry said on May 30 when asked about Kerr's contract situation.. "I think Steve (Kerr) has done a great job and obviously he took a lot of hits. He's the same guy and he's always been a brilliant basketball mind."