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Tangled Web: Kerr Related Links

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A compilation of various Steve Kerr related stories and tweets:

Jared Dudley thanks Kerr and lends his support to Sarver:

Twitter / Jared Dudley: Just want to thank Steve K ...
Just want to thank Steve Kerr for all that he has done for this Suns Org.He def help turned this team around with key signing and trades

Twitter / Jared Dudley: I also know that Robert Sa ...
I also know that Robert Sarver will do what best for the team to be successful.. He's a great owner and will find another great GM.

Yahoo's Sources cite money issues:

Kerr parting ways with Suns - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
"Aside from the money, obviously an important factor for where Amare will sign is the direction of the organization and Steve leaving signals a new direction for the Suns," Walters told Y! Sports. "We need to see what that direction is. Amar’e has a great deal of respect for Steve, and so do I. Steve and [coach] Alvin Gentry made a great team there and now a big part of that team is gone."

ESPN's sources cite different kinds of money issues:

Report: Steve Kerr out as Phoenix Suns' general manager - ESPN
A source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher that the move has to do with Kerr feeling unable to adequately do the job with the financial limitations imposed by Sarver. The Suns have both Amare Stoudemire and Channing Frye as potential free agents this summer.

KTAR's sources (aka Sarver) deny money issues:

Twitter / John Gambadoro: Contrary to Yahoo report S ...
Contrary to Yahoo report Steve Kerr was not asked to take a paycut. He was offered a 3-year deal with NO paycut but decided to return to tv

Coro tells the story straight up and then talks about disenchanted employees at USAC:

Steve Kerr ends tenure as Suns general manager
"I wouldn't say it's a big surprise," Sarver said. "Television is what he did before he came on board. It's a change of plans from during the season. It boiled down to a number of things, including lifestyle and the opportunity. I was hoping to have him back." Sarver said the differences in financial negotiations played a "small part," if any at all. blogs - Coro's Suns dish - PaulCoro - Kerr's departure disappoints staffers
But the wrestling over contracts is wearing on staff internally, particularly after the franchise made about $10.5 million in revenue on home playoff games because of the Suns' unexpected postseason run. Staffers with other NBA teams thought Phoenix's coaching staff would get their existing contracts torn up and replaced with new, longer deals. Instead, Alvin Gentry still has a contract that has a team option year for 2011-12 and made him the third lowest paid coach in the league last season.

Valley of the Suns with some more details from the Kerr presser:

Steve Kerr's departure from Phoenix Suns a 'career and personal' decision| Valley of the Suns
Kerr said at the press conference that he and Sarver had been seeing eye-to-eye on the negotiations over Stoudemire’s contract, but declined to go into any detail. He said that he would continue to work with the front office in negotiations until he leaves. “Given that I’m leaving after June 30th, I’m not going to be offering any free agent deals,” Kerr said.

And Bright Side of the Sun has the solution to all of the Suns problems:

Robert Sarver, The Ball Is In Your Court. Time To Re-do Gentry's Deal - Bright Side Of The Sun
One thing Sarver can do and fast is tear up Coach Gentry's contract which paid him less than almost any other coach in the NBA. Gentry's earned the right to be paid at least near the league average and should be given a three year deal (his current deal has two-years remaining). Moving fast on a new contract for Alvin would go a long way towards demonstrating Sarver's commitment to paying for performance instead of cutting for savings.