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Let The Suns' GM Search Begin!

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Bobslist - "Frugal" business owner seeks low-cost solution to fill leadership role in occasionally prestigious organization. Applicant should desire higher office, but not actual power. Ability to meet arbitrary cost controls mandatory; ability to take a punch a plus. No need to know how to run an offensive set.

Previous experience in the role is a detriment, but existing knowledge of bathroom locations preferred.  (Remember: only flush if you must; water is money.) Serious consideration will be granted to anyone capable of getting the head office to give a yearly award for Best Debt Service.

Those interested in the position should e-mail applications to the address below; no faxes, please. (Paper is money.) Also, no calls; the owner will not pay for any extensions.

Please include a cover letter statement listing recommendations, unique qualifications, and how much of a pay cut you will take after the first month. (Above all, money is money.)