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Steve Kerr To TNT Booth?

Art Garcia of writes that Steve Kerr may be stepping away his position as general manager of the Phoenix Suns to continue his television career. Kerr and TNT television have already expressed mutual interest.

“A broadcasting opportunity would allow me to spend more time with my family which is very important to me,” Kerr said in a statement released by the Suns. “I will certainly miss the relationships I’ve forged here with the players, coaches and members of the organization. It’s a special group of people and I wish the organization nothing but success moving forward.”

Turner has already expressed interest in bringing Kerr back into the fold.

“We have a long history with Steve, who was a terrific analyst for TNT during his time with our network,” Turner spokesman Sal Petruzzi said. “We certainly would have interest in Steve rejoining the Turner Sports family and look forward to sitting with him and discussing his future opportunities.”