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Sarver Says Finances Played 'Small Part' In Kerr Ouster

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AZ Republic beat writer Paul Coro sheds more light on the situation with quotes from Robert Sarver:

"I wouldn't say it's a big surprise," Sarver said. "Television is what he did before he came on board. It's a change of plans from during the season. It boiled down to a number of things, including lifestyle and the opportunity. I was hoping to have him back." Sarver said the differences in financial negotiations played a "small part," if any at all.

The story goes on to point out Kerr's family situation with his son Nick, a high school senior, being recruited and his family living in San Diego. (Side note: I saw Nick at the Suns practice facility one day -- kid can shoot the ball.)

KTAR's John Gamboro -- who is widely known to have close ties to Sarver -- reports:

Twitter / John Gambadoro: Contrary to Yahoo report S ...
Contrary to Yahoo report Steve Kerr was not asked to take a paycut. He was offered a 3-year deal with NO paycut but decided to return to tv

If this is Kerr's decision, the Suns need him to say that in no uncertain terms. It's not enough for Sarver to tell his side of the story on this one.

What's next?

The Suns will look internally and externally for its next GM and at the top of that list has to be VP of Basketball Operations David Griffin. Griff began with the Suns organization as an intern in the communications department in 1993 and has worked his way up the ranks. He is widely respected in the basketball community for his player evaluation abilities.

Griffin's current contract is also up at the end of this month. If he doesn't get the GM job, how likely is he to return?

By not retaining Kerr, the Suns have only added to the potential turmoil that Amar'e's departure will cause (assuming he leaves). Now facing a potential new front office staff, along with a major hole in the roster (if Amar'e leaves), Sarver will be under tremendous pressure to reassure fans that the team can once again recover from another summer of major changes.

The one thing Steve Nash has complained most about is the lack of continuity; Steve Kerr's departure and possibly losing David Griffin as well would be a huge step back for the team just days after ending the season on a high note.

Sarver has now gone through three coaches and three general managers since taking control of the Suns in 2004.