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Report: Texas Says 'No Thanks' To Pac-10 Invite, Big 12 To Remain But With 10 Teams

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Chuck Carlton of The Dallas Morning News is reporting that the University of Texas has declined an invite to join the Pac-10 conference and will instead remain in a 10-team Big 12 conference.

Pac-10 Commissioner Larry Scott confirmed that the University of Texas has declined an invitation to join the conference. The decision will preserve the Big 12 as a 10-team conference, assuming Texas A&M elects to remain. Texas A&M officials were deliberating Monday afternoon.

Big 12 member schools and TV partners met Monday to work on a lucrative television deal that would convince the University of Texas and three other schools — Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech — to abandon pursuit of Pac-10 membership.

Well that’s a big load of anti-climax.

This also leaves the door open for Larry Scott and the Pac-10 to pursue another team to round out their conference to 12 teams. Rumored teams have included Utah and BYU.