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The Pac-10 Is Expanding, But What Should It Be Called?

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Doug Haller of writes that the Pac-10’s new commissioner, Larry Scott, has confirmed that a name change will likely be made to accomodate the conference’s new membership.

“Don’t want to get the cart before the horse,” Scott said, “(but) from my standpoint, the name of the conference, the brand and what it stands (for) ought to reflect the membership.”

That means that if expansion extends into Texas, Oklahoma or even Utah, the “Pac-10” likely will be retired.

My vote is for just “Pac” or “The Pac” (pronounced "pack"). Ditch the number. Keep it generically regional, flexible, short and easy to say out loud once it splits into two divisions: “Pac West” and “Pac East.” The idea is growing on you, isn’t it?

Backup plan: “The P-A-C” (letters spelled out). This option not only mimics the country’s most successful mega-conference — The SEC — but also pays homage to The D-O-C, a Texas-born rapper who achieved his greatest fame in Southern California. A perfect symbolic fit should Texas and Texas Tech head westward.