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Slow News Day? Talk To Tebow, Smoke Some Pot And Bash Canada

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Justin and I have been bouncing ideas around most of the day looking for anything interesting in the Arizona sports scene to write about. You can only rail on the D-backs' bullpen so many times (not that we've come close to our limit) and just how often can we talk about what Matt Leinart might or might not do this fall?

Perhaps the best thing we came across was this totally insane publicity ploy from the PR flacks at Upper Deck, which happened to work, since I am posting their idiotic YouTube video depicting top college draft choices sharing their considerable wisdom about where LeBron James might end up this summer.

Notable opinions include Tim Tebow moving his lips and not actually saying anything and genius U of A Wildcat TE Rob Gronkowski suggesting that LeBron will end up in L.A. playing with Kobe. Do they teach anything at U of A? A course on basic sports reality, perhaps.

In other slightly relevant news:

  • Damn meddling Canadians can't leave our poor embattled hockey team alone. Don't they understand that only we can make fun of the Coyotes?
  • They might not teach their athletes anything in Tucson, but those NAU Lumberjacks are mighty proud of how smart their Big Sky warriors are. Perhaps this will earn them an invite to the new Pac-37 Super Conference.
  • If seizing pot was a sport, Arizona would be the World Champs. Suck on that, Canada. While you are smoking dope up there, dreaming of stealing our hockey team, we are down here in the desert seizing it from drug runners (and smoking it for ourselves so we can convince ourselves that we care about the Coyotes staying).