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Ice Edge Wants Ownership By August, Details Plans To Make Money Appear From Thin Air

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With Ice Edge Holdings now in the clearing to move aggressively in their purchase strategy, the group is grinding out the details, which include:

1) Their desire to own the Coyotes by August, and
2) Their plan for finding millions and millions of dollars under their couch cushions, from the goodwill of relatives, and from their kids’ college funds.

According to new reports, IEH must provide proof of financing by next Friday, or else … they’ll get longer to do it because no one else is in the queue to buy the team.

Ice Edge chief executive Anthony LeBlanc desputes the idea that the team has no money to back up their desires, saying,

"If anything, it’s been amusing that we are viewed as unable to complete this deal. Why would we put ourselves out there without (a way to pay for the team)?"

We’ll all know by next Friday, apparently, if the joke’s on us or Ice Edge.