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UA Athletic Director Greg Byrne Discusses Colorado and The Pac-10

Nothing too earth-shattering, but Mr. Byrne alludes to more changes in the near future:

How do you see this playing out? It sounds like this is not the end.
I think there’s still a lot of exciting opportunities ahead for the Pac-10. What they will be, I don’t think anybody knows yet.

Do you expect, for lack of better words, more fireworks between the speculation of the Big 12 and the Pac-10 will continue in the next several days?
It’s a definite maybe. I think there’s a heck of a chance of that, but we don’t know. I think there are a lot of things that haven’t happened yet, but whatever is taking place obviously, there’s a lot of exciting times ahead for the Pac-10.

I’m thinking that Greg Byrne is doing a little foreshadowing.