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How Do The Diamondbacks Fix Their Wretched Bullpen?

It’s true, that MLB team downtown stinks. It doesn’t help that their bullpen is as odoriferous as a carcass in the desert sun.

How do the Diamondbacks shore up their little pitching problem? Scour their Double-A affiliate, that’s how!

Down in Mobile, Alabama, a couple of young BayBears are having decent seasons. Could it really hurt to give these guys the ball?

1. Roque Mercedes. 22.0 IP, 3.27 ERA, 25 SO.
2. Leyson Septimo. 20.2 IP, 3.92 ERA, 29 SO.

Both are under the age of 25 and both are pitching well, striking out more than one batter an inning.

With advanced coaching and the allure of a major league contract, you can bet these gentlemen will try very hard to impress.

What are our other options?

After reviewing Arizona's draft haul, we see a college bullpen arm that could make an impact in 2010: Kevin Munson.

Lets see what John Sickels says: 

4) Kevin Munson, RHP, James Madison: Munson was lights out as a college closer with his 90-93 MPH heater and wicked slider. He can be overpowering, and should move through the system quickly as a relief option.

Besides, it appears as though changes are on the way.