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STAT Calls An Extension With Phoenix 'Plan A' And Gives More Ambiguous Hints

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Near the end of his basketball academy in Gilbert, Amar’e Stoudemire dropped a few more ambiguous hints at his future plans, though there were a few juicy morsels to be chewed on.

A few of the sexier bits:

“It sounds like the Suns definitely want to make an effort. I’m just not sure what type of effort. They’re definitely looking to keep me around. So we’ve just got to figure out what the proper math is.”

“My loyalty is here with the Phoenix Suns. Once free agency starts and teams are offering me X amount of dollars, then I would definitely say, ‘You know what, Phoenix? These guys are offering this much. So if you guys want to step up to the plate, we can hit a home run.’ If not, then I could settle for an inside-the-park home run. Just as long as I make it home.”