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What Does Pac-10 Expansion Mean To ASU And UA?

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This is the question of the day swirling around news rooms and coaches lounges in Tempe and Tucson.

The fine writers at the Arizona Republic and Arizona Daily Star weighed in with their takes.

Greg Hansen sees both longer distances for travel and, more importantly, touches on a potential recruiting disaster for the Wildcats, who have fished heavily in the talented SoCal waters:

Greg Hansen: Expansion of Pac-10 could hurt UA most
Since 1978, the California recruiting market is what made it possible for Arizona's athletic department to become a player on the national level. Because of its geographical location, the Wildcats and Sun Devils would have the most to sacrifice in a conference realignment that stretches east and includes fewer appearances in California.

Doug Haller touches on recruiting as well, but also sees the upside. And by upside we of course mean the main reason this is all going down. Money. Lots and lots of money. Private charter and new facilities type of money.

Doug Haller on ASU football -  What expansion could mean for ASU


It's almost a given that a Pac-10 network is on the horizon, understandable considering the conference could have a pulse in Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver and Dallas. Along with additional broadcast partners, the Pac-16 could distribute a reported $20 million to each school, which is more than double their current take.

At ASU, that money could go to numerous projects big and small. Its track needs work. Improvements at Sun Devil Stadium and Wells Fargo Arena, stalled because of funding issues, could be revived. The athletics department has lost a handful of administrative assistants over the past couple years.

Chartering flights to basketball games, since the Thursday-Saturday schedule likely will go away, is another possibility, especially because many Big 12 schools travel in such a manner.

So to recap the obvious. Money > Recruiting and Longer Travel.