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Colorado To Announce Jump To Pac-10 On Friday, Force Texas' Hand

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The Boulder Daily Camera is reporting that Colorado will bounce on over to the Pac-10 and announce it in a press conference on Friday.

This move may expedite further expansion of the Pac-10 conference and force Texas and the other four invitees to make a decision sooner rather than later.

Speculation has mounted for the last week that Colorado would be part of the Pac-10’s massive expansion. The Camera reported last week that CU would be part of a six-team deal that would also include Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

That speculation hit a snag after Baylor officials became incensed when the Bears were not included in the group, and mounted a late campaign in the Lone Star State to replace Colorado.

Those efforts failed. While Baylor took its case to the public, CU officials quietly worked behind the scenes to procure an invitation from the Pac-10 and were successful.

The ship-jumping of both Colorado and Nebraska also essentially assures the painful, agonizing death of the Big 12 Conference:

What is also likely is that the Big 12 is a dead conference walking. Wednesday, it was reported that Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds told UT staffers that the conference couldn’t be saved. Those reports surfaced after reports said that Nebraska was ready to join the Big Ten.