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Hello, My Name Is Scott

Since this is a new site and you need to meet some of the names around here ... I'm first. Meet Scott Howard.

This picture says "Arizona Sports" - right? (At least for a few more months for A.J.)  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
This picture says "Arizona Sports" - right? (At least for a few more months for A.J.) (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Welcome to my first post on SB Nation Arizona. Now, I assure you that what is to come on this site will be both awesome and entertaining but for this first time out I was told to write about my all-time favorite subject - me. You can discover a bit about me in my author profile, but since you're probably too lazy to click a link I'll give you another quick run down here. 

I suppose what makes me different from some of the writers on here is that I'm not a media guy, per se. My blogging life began when my buddies and I started Seasons of Discontent - a site you've likely never heard of - in April of 2009.  Writing about whatever I wanted (like this) with my friends was definitely a good time, but eventually the time constraints of having full-time jobs got in the way and we dropped off. 

Fortunately for me, just as SoD was dying, regional sports editor Seth Pollack offered me an opportunity to come here and continue writing. Since "here" didn't exist until now, I've spent my time since February over at Bright Side of the Sun as a valued member of that team, piecing together Western Conference Playoff Reports and NBA Playoff Nightcaps.  Now I'm finally here and I'm excited. 

I wasn't born in Arizona, but I was raised here and have spent the majority of my adult life in Phoenix -- thus, this is a place and these are teams that are near and dear to my heart.  My writing focus is apparently going to be the Cardinals and Diamondbacks, but I'll still manage to mix it up with the other squads -- including my beloved Suns -- and do so with the odd, quirky (and often pessimistic) style that defines my writing. 

Though I'll be writing about the D-backs, my primary fan focus is on the Cards and Suns. I'm a season ticket holder for the Suns and I set up my living room with two TVs so that I can watch NFL games two at a time. I've pretty much acknowledged two sports heroes in my lifetime -- Kevin Johnson and Kurt Warner -- and I'm totally in the bag for both of them. The D-backs and I have a bit of a complicated relationship as I was actually a Mets fan as a kid, but I'm doing my best to develop a proper appreciation (something I'll explore in a later post). 

In summary, I'm a Phoenix guy and this is a place I love. I'm going to write like a fan because that's what I am.  You might not know me, but you should trust me -- you're going to like this site.