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Pivotal WCF Game 5: Phoenix Suns vs Los Angeles Lakers

It might not be a "must win" in the sense that it is not an "elimination game," but that doesn't take away from how important winning Game 5 is for each team.

The Lakers HAVE TO protect their home court and, more importantly, figure out how to attack the Suns' zone defense if they are going to regain control of the series.

The Suns MUST continue to play with a higher level of intensity and energy and use their superior depth to wear down the Lakers.

This game, however, will likely turn on two factors. Can Kobe Bryant (after playing 45 minutes on Tuesday) continue to shoot the ball at such an incredibly efficient pace? And will the Lakers' "other guys" like Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Jordan Farmar and Shannon Brown make the open 3-pointers that the Suns defense is begging them to shoot?

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