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Cardinals' Kerry Rhodes: 'Matt Leinart has impressed me with his arm strength'

In an online chat at on Wednesday, Arizona Cardinals safety Kerry Rhodes proclaimed that oft-criticized quarterback Matt Leinart has impressed him so far during mini camps:

There are a couple. DRC has really impressed me. I didn't really know how good he was but when I saw him in person, he really impressed me. I also think Matt Leinart has impressed me with his arm strength. I didn't think he'd get some balls out there like he has.

Rhodes also confirmed that he never pursued a career in modeling, but did endorse a couple of brands. That's music to Cardinal fans' ears considering one of the chief complaints about Kerry coming out of New York was his commitment to modeling. Kerry assured the fans of his abilities:

I think they knew that's one of the things they were getting when they traded for me, good range. I will be there to cover for mistakes if they do happen ... I am going to be playmaking to start. But I also think I will bring some leadership and an aura of confidence back there.