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NBA Power Rankings, Week 6: The Heat Are Hot

In Week 6 of the NBA Power Rankings, the Heat are figuring things out, the Knicks are making strides, the Spurs and Mavs are cruising, and a lot of teams are just there.

The NBA Power Rankings roll on, now into Week 6. We're a quarter into the 2010-11 season and the playing field seems to be settling down and teams are falling into their niches. The Miami Heat, the subject of early season struggles and doomsday theories, are figuring out how to win games these days, having put together a streak of five in a row.

During the streak, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh have all played like the superstar players they're supposed to be (and paid to be), and have not really had to log a lot of minutes doing it, since most of the wins were blowouts -- against somewhat mediocre competition, however. In fact, the Heat have a pretty poor record against playoff-caliber teams, going 4-6 against teams currently above .500. And they can only lose one more game all season to break the Bulls' coveted 72-10 record, so that's not happening. Maybe next year.

The San Antonio Spurs and Dallas Mavericks continue to cruise along and smash the competition, with the first- and second-best records in the NBA, respectively. Dallas has now won 10 in a row, the second-longest winning streak this season behind the Spurs' 12 gamer. It seems like both teams could slow down before too long, considering the cores of both are older vets who realize it's a long grind to the postseason.

Perhaps the most surprising squad this week is the New York Knicks, who have now won five in a row for the second time this year and 10 out of their last 11. Over their latest streak, free agent overpayee Amare Stoudemire has averaged 34.2 points and 11 rebounds a game, reminding forlorn Phoenix Suns fans of his monster post-All-Star campaign last season that led the Suns to the third seed in the West and the Western Conference Finals. Tears.

In the cellar, (Rookie of the Year) Blake Griffin continues to shine for the otherwise benign Los Angeles Clippers, having attained double-doubles in nine straight games. He's also averaging 2.9 assists a game -- including three games with seven assists -- showing he's not ball-hogging his way to gaudy stats. The Sacramento Kings are still in free-fall with eight straight losses and star guard Tyreke Evans now battling a case of the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Speaking of injuries, Yao Ming is still out with a foot something-or-other and no timetable for return; meanwhile, his Houston Rockets continue to slump out of playoff consideration. Daryl Morey and his maths are upset.

In local news, the Phoenix Suns put together a nice three-game win streak against not-great teams that coincided with the insertion of Earl Barron into the starting lineup. The streak was snapped by the Portland Trailblazers, but it was still enough to get the Suns back above water. With Barron playing significant minutes, Phoenix actually out-rebounded two teams. Way to go!

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