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MLB Winter Meetings Trade Rumors Abound For Arizona Diamondbacks

It's the most wonderful time of the year, when your favorite (or perhaps just default) baseball team, the Arizona Diamondbacks, get to spend all of that money they earned the old fashioned way -- via salary dump. The MLB Winter Meetings in Orlando are well under way and the trade rumors are already flying around like Mickey Mouse on a magical sled pulled by a group of minor league prospects just itching to go from being "assets" on a really good team to being rotation players on a really bad team. 

The D-backs are expected to busy beavers (elves?) in Orlando this year. The word on the internet street is that the Snakes are close to moving right-handed power strikeout bat, Mark Reynolds to Baltimore in a deal that would bring back a couple of bull pen arms. The names being tossed around include RHP David Hernandez and RHP Kam Mickolio.

In non-Reynolds rumor news, the D-backs could be closing in on back-up catcher, Henry Blanco. Blanco is both a "clubhouse presence" the team so desperately needs but also a great defensive catcher, which Miguel Montero is most certainly not. Blanco, however, is not an offensive threat with a career .227 batting average and just .215 last season for the Mets.

The other focus seems to be the bullpen which of course makes sense. The names there include the likes of Kerry Woods, Bobby Jenks and J.J. Putz who wins the awards for the most unfortunate name in all Major League Baseball which one could image would make him play with a giant chip on his shoulder.

Stay tuned and check in with SB Nation's Diamondbacks Blog, AZ Snakepit for more up-to-the-minute Winter Meeting rumor tracking.